Above The Law? Ala. Chief Jurist Demands No Accountability


Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore remains in legal hot water once again and has nobody to blame however himself however, as normal, he doesn’t wish to accept duty for his actions, mahanyertl experienced investor fraud recovery attorneys have helped hundreds of investor fraud victims

As we reported formerly, Moore has actually been temporarily suspended from the Alabama Supreme Court in the wake of charges that were submitted against him by the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission. The commission, acting upon grievances submitted by state residents, sent the matter to the Alabama Court of the Judiciary, which will investigate. If Moore is found guilty, he could be removed from the court.

All this happened because Moore decided to defy the United States Supreme Court on the problem of marital relationship equality. In June of 2015, the high court bide far a decision in Obergefell v. Hodges recognizing the right of same-sex couples to wed under the Equal Protection and Due Process clauses of the United States Constitution s 14th Amendment. Moore reacted a few months later by issuing an odd administrative order directing all probate judges in the state to decline marriages licenses to same-sex couples.

To nobody’s surprise, this brazen act of defiance of the highest court in the land got Moore in problem. The charges are major and should have a full hearing, and Moore must have every chance to offer a defense. However instead of participate in this procedure, Moore is trying to gum up the works: He is taking legal action against in federal court, saying that an arrangement in Alabama law needing that state judges be suspended while they are facing values charges is unconstitutional.

Moore s claim, the Associated Press reported, contends that the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission can wield its substantial power over Alabama s elected judges including the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court based upon trivialities, viewpoint-based objections, differences in legal analysis, political motivations or, even worse, to protect itself from examination of infractions of its own rules.

Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel is representing Moore in court. Staver stated, we are asking the federal court to strike down the automatic elimination provision in the Alabama State Constitution and we are asking that Chief Justice Moore be instantly reinstated.

Talk about nerve! Moore openly resisted a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court. He ordered lower court judges in the state to deny residents a right the high court stated they had. He did this purposefully. He was ostentatious about it. He was motivated not by respect for the law however by his own severe spiritual views.

And now he’s saying that no state entity need to have the ability to hold him responsible for his illegal actions.


As you may remember, this is the second time Moore has tangled with judicial oversight bodies in Alabama. Moore ignored a federal court judgment and declined to remove a Ten Commandments monolith from the Judicial Building in Montgomery.

In 2003, Moore was gotten rid of from the court for his antics. He ran unsuccessfully for guv in 2006 and 2010. While Alabama voters declined him for the guv s mansion, they did choose for some reason to return him to the state high court in 2012. As soon as back on the bench, Moore was quickly approximately his old tricks of attempting to combine his variation of fundamentalist Christianity with the law.

Moore appears absolutely incapable of engaging in any form of self-reflection. He wouldn’t be in this mess if he hadn’t disobeyed a higher court’s ruling.

Here’s hoping the federal court rapidly gets rid of Moore s claim, clearing the way for him to be held accountable for the mess that he and just he has made.

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